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Bespoke Healing & Coaching Package

You are a miracle waiting to happen. I invite you to step into your bravest, boldest self as you make this potentially life-changing decision to work with me one to one.

Come on a beautiful journey with me as we heal the map of your life; smoothing gently over the creases...repairing the torn edges with love and compassion...creating more spaciousness, wonder and joy.

I will hold your hand as we go through this very special experience together. There is no set format for our sessions, because we will become great explorers...and who knows where each session will take us? 

We'll be using a combination of gentle coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) in our sessions, which is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. In these bespoke sessions, you'll get personalised support for your traumas, limiting beliefs, blocks and issues. I'll help you peel back the layers of what's holding you back, ensuring you feel completely safe and supported throughout the whole process. 

Benefits of working one to one with me:

  • 1:1 EFT is super impactful - you may have already tried using tapping on your own, or using tap along videos on social media, but wait until you see and FEEL the power that working 1:1 with me has! If you thought EFT was good before, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get to root causes and core memories. In our time together, you'll be able to let go of a LOT of old baggage, leading you to really feel powerful and positive shifts immediately after each session.

  • Personal empowerment - you are always in control. If there's an area which you're finding tricky and would prefer not to get into it in depth, that's fine. I have some really great tools in my EFT toolbox to help you release old trauma without the pain of having to talk through everything. We'll agree on a simple sign that you can use if you're feeling emotional and/or want to pause the session for a breather or a cry.

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence - as you begin to let go of the old, you'll notice you feel more worthy and your confidence will start to increase. This renewed confidence will mean you'll start taking action in areas where you've felt stuck or blocked. The little actions you take will start gaining momentum - then, who knows?!

  • Goal achievement and accountability - My aim is to get you from A-B, so I'll help you set specific, meaningful goals which we'll review each session. Accountability is incredibly powerful and fundamental to success; I'll encourage you and cheerlead you all the way...and maybe sometimes give you a little bit of real-talk when needed to help you stay on track.

  • Improved well-being - tapping helps mind/body balance by restoring harmony throughout the body (Chi energy). This sense of inner peace and calm can have a positive effect on all areas of your life. You may find you experience less stress, more resilience and increased energy and vitality.

  • My unique approach and added value - EFT on it's own is great...coaching on it's own is great...but I also bring in my own unique essence, vast knowledge in many different areas, varied life experience, 12+ years' business experience and coaching/mentoring skills to ensure you get the very best. I absolutely want you step into your power so you can thrive and succeed.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't ready to heal - EFT is extremely effective at bringing suppressed emotions and memories up to the surface, which means sessions can get emotional. Healing work is often a bit messy and it takes guts to put your hand up and say you're ready. I hold a safe, supportive space for you without any judgment or shame.

  • You aren't prepared to do the work - Although I am a gentle, nurturing coach, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you get away with not taking action! As much as I want you to succeed, I cannot do the work for you. I will guide and support you, but you must be ready and willing for things to change.

  • You don't want to self-reflect or take responsibility - Throughout our time together, you'll be uncover some hard truths about yourself and your current circumstances, and that's not always easy. You may feel vulnerable or resistant at times which is completely normal; in fact, vulnerability should be celebrated. he problem comes when people are misguided or reluctant to take any responsibility. If I feel that you aren't fully invested in our sessions, I will terminate our agreement and will refund the appropriate portion of funds. 

Package options

My transformational 1:1 sessions are in demand. If you're seeing this as a service to purchase, I have space to work with you - yay! However, I only keep a couple of slots open each week, so I encourage you to take action if it's a full body YES to working with me.

Voxer support offered up to 45 minutes per week.

How do I book?

Fill out the form and hit the 'I'm So Ready' button to make payment. You can then complete the coaching intake forms.

What happens after you apply?

I'll be in touch via email within 48 hours with a link to my online calendar so you can book your first session.


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