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Tapping into Money™ Mastery

Discover The Simple 7-Step Holistic Solution That’s Helping Female Coaches, Healers & Therapists Cultivate Unwavering Confidence & Experience Time & Money Freedom

Are You Ready To Fully Step Into Your Abundant POWER As You Become The Most Worthy & Deserving Version Of Yourself?

It’s so frustrating when you know you have money and self-worth wounds holding you back from your dreams...but you just can’t improve things, no matter how much mindset work you do.

This often leads to the following mistakes...

❌ Sabotaging your chances of success - Your negative self-talk tells you that you'll never succeed what's the point of trying. This self-doubt triggers impostor syndrome, leading you to compare yourself unfavourable to your peers. You 'shrink' and play it safe (and small). You don't have focus or clarity about what's working (and not working) in your business, leading to overwhelm, confusion and procrastination 

❌ Over-giving (and undercharging) - You're an award-winning 'people pleaser' and bend over backwards to keep your clients happy, even if it means compromising your own needs and wants. You have constant wobbles when it comes to your pricing and never really feel like you’re ‘worth’ what you charge. You take on too many clients for fear of missing out, even if they aren’t a good fit. You give lots of freebies, price your stuff really low and offer discounts or bonuses, even when they’re not even asked for

❌ Telling yourself you're 'not in it for the money' or that being rich is not 'spiritual' - You feel awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to wealth and prosperity, leading you to avoid money matters in both your personal life and business. You have a deep-seated belief that it's greedy or bad to want more. Rather than thinking about providing value to your clients, you take on a 'spray and pray' approach to marketing, hoping and praying that something will work.

❌ Focusing just on mindset work and/or educational courses (financial or otherwise) - You've tried so much mindset work and feel frustrated and despondent it hasn't worked, leading you to feel like there's something inherently 'wrong' with you. Because you're never really addressing the root causes, you only get a temporary boost from all the courses and masterclasses you're attending, before slipping back into old patterns and habits

❌ Ignoring or dismissing past trauma - You tell yourself you're either 'too busy' to deal with your past wounds or you dismiss it as unimportant. Either way, you're shoving down and suppressing trauma that just keeps coming back up. You rarely have time to yourself and put others' needs before your own. You feel like self-care is indulgent or selfish...but there's also a belief that you're not really worthy and deserving of love and care. Your boundaries are non-existent.

It’s heart-breaking, right?

The problem is, for every action (or non-action) there's a consequence. And for many (myself included in the past) that looks like...

>> Wasting precious time, money and energy 

>> Being stuck in motion

>> Staying small

>> Poor financial results

>> Burnout 

>> Victimhood (why me?)

I completely get how this feels, because I lived this experience for pretty much all of my life!

Growing up in poverty and experiencing trauma due to parental alcoholism left me with some pretty dire core beliefs about money and the world. These beliefs were reinforced further by difficult life events; depressive illness, getting into over 60k worth of debt, alcohol addiction, losing our own home and going through 8 years' of infertility treatment...

Leading to a tragic combination: trauma + low self-worth + no confidence = hopelessness 

BUT one day, after many months of my own healing work, I experienced a powerful shift

I had to look at some business money stuff with my husband, which would usually trigger me like crazy; I’d feel sick, my heart would start pounding and I’d always end up crying. But that time…for the first was different…

I felt calm…grounded…safe…I could actually look at numbers and money properly, with no emotional charge…What I had been doing actually WORKED! My mind was blown!

I knew then, in that moment, with absolute certainty, that if I could overcome that trigger, then I could 100% overcome ANY other area in which I felt money blocked and worthless…I could feel emotionally free…

Since then, I’ve levelled up! I feel more worthy, deserving and confident. I attract money instead of repelling it, I feel abundant and aligned

I want the same for you. You have the power to overcome your deep-seated money blocks and increase your feelings of self worth, because you are wholeheartedly worthy and deserving of an abundant, rich life!

And that’s why I created…

Tapping Into Money™ Mastery!

A beautiful course to help you compassionately heal your money wounds, realise your worth and create the life and business you dream of!

You have the power to...

✔️ Let go of your old ‘scarcity and lack’ beliefs and realise there’s MORE than enough for you (and that you are enough too)

✔️ Heal your old money wounds so you're no longer triggered by fact, you actually LOVE it

✔️ Disrupt and break free from negative thought cycles and patterns so you feel clear-headed and able to focus on what's going to move you forward

✔️ Re-assess and redesign your life so you feel like everything is perfectly balanced and harmonious, enabling you to experience time (and eventually money) freedom 

✔️ Tap into the infinite power and wisdom within you so you feel wholly worthy and deserving of going after your desires

✔️ Create complete clarity and alignment in your business so you feel confident about what you offer and who your soul clients are 

And so much more!

This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure you’re sat there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this transformation could be any different from everything else out there.

Well, let me share a few things with you…

Tapping into Money™ Mastery is like no other program out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for female business owners based on my own lived experience, but I’ve also coached and mentored hundreds of women who've all experienced low self-worth, lack of confidence, financial trauma and money blocks. I know how delicate this work is. I understand how important it is that you feel heard, supported and nurtured...not shamed and judged.

Most other programs out there will leave you…

😕 Confused & Overwhelmed: Maybe you’ve tried other money type courses before? General money courses which don’t address the ‘feelings’ stuff can leave you feeling overwhelmed as you struggle to keep up with an overload of information you don’t need or want. And because it’s so hard to keep up, you end up stuck, stressed and anxious, finding yourself in the same situation 6 months from now.

😕 Temporarily ‘Bolstered’: You come away with some helpful stuff which boosts your confidence short-term…but the novelty soon wears off as your unhealed subconscious beliefs start to seep back into your awareness, causing familiar feelings of unworthiness to rise up again.

😕 Isolated & Unsupported: There’s no sense of real understanding of how much unhealed beliefs affect your day-to-day life and you’re left to just get on with the work on your own, without any help or guidance.

Tapping Into Money™ Is About Empowering You With ALL The Tools & Support You’ll Ever Need To Create A Healthy, Happy & Abundant Lifestyle

😌 Emotional Freedom: When you get rid of your old limiting beliefs, you free up room for new, empowering beliefs…around money, success, abundance – anything!

😌 Fulfilment & Happiness: No more putting everyone else’s needs before your own as you learn how to love yourself and design how your life and business look

😌 Unwavering Confidence: When you increase your self-worth and realise your uniqueness in the world, you’ll feel unstoppable

😌 Clarity: No more second guessing who you soul clients are…you’ll discover their deepest, darkest desires and feel ready to call them in

😌 Success & Abundance: Once everything ‘clicks’ into place, you’ll feel fully aligned and ready to start reaping the rewards of your hard work

😌 Inner Cheerleader: No more inner critic berating your every move; harness your inner cheerleader as you get braver, bolder and BETTER day by day

Tapping Into Money™ Has Everything You Need To Create The Abundance You Deserve. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss over zoom call, get in touch! - this email goes direct to Suzannah's inbox 

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