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Hello beautiful. Your journey to business success, financial freedom and a life of abundance starts here! You are more powerful than you realise, let me help you unleash your magic upon the world...

And that starts with where you are right now; my online hub. Here you will find all my coaching services, programs, courses and free offerings. It's really easy to navigate - if something catches your eye, just click on the 'Learn More' button to take a closer look. 

The best place to start is with the Worthy & Wealthy FREE mini-course which will help you see why Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) AKA 'Tapping' and Journaling are two mind-blowing tools which can help you transform your life and business.

Suzannah x
P.S. I'll be adding new free and paid content regularly, so make sure you bookmark this site and keep checking in 🤩

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The Calmpreneur Community

We all need a community of people who will cheer us on, have our back and generally be there for the ups and downs of being human...

Especially if you're an introvert who is a bit 'woo-woo'...because let's face it, not everyone gets it! Never fear, because the Calmpreneur Community is a safe and supportive online space where you'll feel right at home alongside a friendly bunch of women in business who are all looking to make authentic connections. 

Worthy & Wealthy Mini-Course

Discover how EFT Tapping and Journaling can help you elevate your self-worth so you can create limitless wealth without crippling self-doubt and overwhelm. 

Dive into this free empowering mini-course which will help you to unlock abundance and cultivate unwavering self-worth. 

Money Mindset Guide

Do the same old money blocks keep coming up for you time and time again? Or maybe you feel money-stuck in your business and can't seem to move forward?

Either way, this helpful money breakthrough guide contains practical tips and exercises to help you to uncover deep-seated money blocks so you can welcome in more abundance in all areas of your life. Includes 3 powerful tap along videos to help you gently release what no longer serves you.

Tapping into Money™ Challenge

FREE 5 Day Tapping Into Money™ Challenge Reveals How Female Coaches, Healers & Therapists Can Start To Attract Abundance & Cultivate Confidence

Start to uncover all the old beliefs and blocks which have held you back for far too long!

This challenge includes simple daily tasks and powerful tap along sessions using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as ‘tapping’, to help you make lasting changes and release your blocks for good.

Wildly Abundant Money Journal

Is money your nemisis? Do you shy away from shillings and quiver at the sight of quids? It's time to address those dastardly dime blocks and blitz your limiting beliefs.

It's totally possible you can be a money maven and get that abundance flowing to your front door - yes purlease! Write your way to wealth with this super cool money journal and tracker. 56 pages of prompts to peruse and ponder on your way to becoming WILDLY abundant PLUS free bonus EFT tapping videos for deep inner transformation...

Monthly Planning Workshop

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" the saying goes. Bit harsh, right? 🤣 But what if you could plan your month in the most beautiful way possible by joining an experience which encompasses your well-being & more?

Planning is one of the best things you can do for your business. Come and join my wonderful workshop where I will calmly guide you through a new way to plan; with less BORE and more SOAR using my unique Calmpreneur 4-R Framework. And the best thing is you can use it again and again - whoop! 

Productivity Course

Feeling like an overwhelmed foggy-headed busy machine with lists EVERYWHERE and no time to drink a warm(ish) cup of coffee?

STOP right there and read this. You, yes YOU can be the queen of calm, the whisperer of lists and the time mastering mumma! All you need is this course to help you get back the wind back in your sails and you'll soon be feeling totes in control with a slightly smug grin about how organised and profesh you feel...

Tapping into Money™ Mastery

A Simple 7-step solution to healing subconscious limiting beliefs about money & cultivating unwavering confidence, without feeling alone & unsupported

Are you ready to fully step into your abundant POWER as you become the most worthy & deserving version of yourself?

It’s so frustrating when you know you have money and self-worth wounds holding you back from your dreams...but you just can’t improve things, no matter how much mindset work you do.

Virtual VIP Day With Suzannah

Would you like to spend a whole day with me to unfuddle your mind, heal past wounds, get my eyes on your business and/or help you come up with a plan of action?

One hour sessions often fly by so quickly that you end up wanting more. This is a unique and special opportunity to spend a whole day with me, working on your bespoke requirements. If you're feeling stuck and want some support and guidance to move forward, this is for you...

Bespoke Healing & Coaching Package

How different would your life look if you healed old wounds, released emotional pain, let go of old baggage, and began to start LIVING as the most worthy and deserving version of yourself?

Come on a beautiful journey with me as we heal the map of your life; smoothing gently over the creases...repairing the torn edges with love and compassion...creating more spaciousness, wonder and joy. I will hold your hand as we go through this very special experience together. 

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