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About Suzannah

Hey there! I'm Suzannah, a Money Mindset Coach & EFT Tapping Practitioner living in sunny Devon, UK, with my husband, 2 teenagers and various furry animals. I did NOT want to be a money coach #longstory THE UNIVERSE MADE ME DO IT 🤣

I support female business owners worldwide to identify and heal their money and self-worth wounds so they can grow and prosper. These wounds often show up as money blocks, such as:

· Undercharging/pricing wobbles
· Not feeling worth what you charge
· Financial avoidance
· Negative emotional reactions about money related matters
· Not being able to get past a certain income level or goal 
· Various other negative viewpoints about money

I work with the mind AND the nervous system to help you create big shifts when it comes to money. This is super important because we hold emotional pain and trauma in our bodies, so doing mindset work alone quite often leaves people (myself included) feeling like they're doing something wrong - I even felt shamed by some coaches who said I had a negative money mindset. When you've experienced any kind of money or self-worth trauma, you need compassion and love, not made to feel ashamed and judged. 

So what actually is money and self-worth trauma? Here are just a few of the scenarios I've come across over the years:

· Growing up in poverty/low income 
· Negative messaging around wealth and money 
· Emotional neglect/rejection and never feeling enough 
· Going through self-funded IVF/infertility treatment
· Falling out with a friend or family member over money 
· Bankruptcy/losing a home 
· Bad educational experiences around maths and numbers

And trust me, I get it #alloftheabove There is so much shame around money but it so common to have money blocks. I've worked with hundreds of women through my money challenges who've all been through some kind of emotional pain when it comes to self-worth and money. 

Just know that it's totally possible to create powerful shifts as you identify, heal and release these old stories, beliefs and wounds...I'm living proof it can be done (and I thought I was stuck with my broken money mindset for decades!). 

If you're looking for support with this, I'd love to help you. I offer 1:1 coaching packages using Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping - it looks weird but it works, and you soon get used to it), my online program Tapping into Money™ Mastery and my free Tapping into Money™ challenge. 

Check out my offerings here>> https://sleek.bio/suzannahbutcher


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